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Advancing Economic Opportunity

As a farmer and businessman, Ben believes in economic opportunity for Floridians. He understands the success of the state and our communities include lowering taxes, reducing useless government spending and limiting overregulation of business operations. 

Backing Our Military & Veteran Service Members

Ben Albritton adamantly supports the countless patriotic Americans who signed up, put on the uniform and fought to defend our freedoms. He knows these individuals deserve our utmost respect and wholehearted support. Ben is committed to strengthening Florida as one of the most military-friendly states in the nation.

Advancing Economic Opportunity
Military and Veteran Service

Conserving Florida’s Natural Resources

Florida is one of, if not the most, advanced state in the nation when it comes to caring for Florida’s precious natural resources, especially water. Water is essential to life, economy and environment. 


Florida's population has surpassed 20 million, and more and more individuals are moving to the state every day. As a result, the precious natural landscape is at risk. It is critical to preserve and protect Florida’s rural lands, which replenish our aquifers, restore the quality of our air and provide habitat for endangered wildlife species.

Defending Your Constitutional Rights

Ben Albritton believes in the constitutional rights of America. As a gun owner, he values the right of Americans to protect and defend their families. He will champion and defend your Second Amendment rights against the threats of the Radical Left.

Fighting for Strong Education

Florida puts parents first when it comes to decisions about their child's education.


Because of the efforts of the Florida Legislature, families can choose the best environment for their students to learn and thrive. And, parents are guaranteed a seat at the table when major decisions involving their child are discussed. 


Ben will continue to fight for family values and parental rights while ensuring all Florida families have access to high quality education. 

Safeguarding Children in the Foster Care & Adoption

As a devoted father of three, Ben understands the fundamental necessity of love and healthy relationships for children. A safe home environment is essential to the enrichment and development of a healthy child.


In Florida, children are one of the state’s most vulnerable populations, especially those who have experienced instability or unsafe environments in previous homes.


Ben will stand up for foster care and adoptive children. He will provide a voice for those at risk or in danger and work to find new solutions to safely connect children in need to loving homes.

Standing Up for Christian Values

Ben Albritton is a devoted, steadfast Christian. Having spent almost 20 years serving as an Elder at his church, he and his wife Missy have instilled the biblical virtues and values into their family and throughout their community.


Those values include the right to life for all individuals, no matter how small or young. Ben will protect the gift of life and ensure those with a heartbeat have a right to live.

Supporting Florida Agriculture

Florida’s agriculture industry is important to Ben personally and in his position as State Senator of District 26. As a proud fourth-generation citrus grower, Ben knows the priceless value of the hardworking farmers, growers and ranchers across the State of Florida.


With almost 50,000 farms across the state, he understands the commitment of Florida agriculture. Year-round these producers work long hours to provide fresh produce and commodities not only for their communities or the state but across the nation.


He also understands how important the role of agriculture is in restoring the health of our waterways. Measures taken by Florida’s growers, farmers and ranchers to implement best practices, incorporate the latest science and technology and reduce their impact on the environment are making a difference.


Florida’s farmers, ranchers and growers are committed stewards to the land. Florida agriculture is an ally to Florida’s natural landscape and the natural resources and wildlife that depend on it.  


Florida agriculture is also one of the most important pillars fo our state's economy. Generating almost $150 billion in annual economic impact and supporting more than 2.4 million jobs, agriculture is a driving force to the success of Florida.


Ben will fight to protect the long-term sustainability of Florida’s agriculture industry, the nation’s food supply and our state’s precious landscape.

Conserve Resources
Defend Right
Fight For Education
Foster Care
Christian Values
Florida Ag
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